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7201 Bano universal washbasin with grab bar and fixed brackets

Bano universal washbasin with fixed brackets

Bano universal washbasins are supplied with fixed brackets as standard. This washbasin can be installed free standing on a wall or in combination with a side cabinet. The washbasin provides plenty of space for hygiene articles. In addition, it is 600mm deep with a flat base to ensure good access for wheelchair users. The grab bar on the leading edge provides good support during use and when moving to and from the washbasin.

We recommend installing the washbasin with a 52094 Bano outflow pipe next to the wall.

The washbasin is adapted for use with the 5808 Bano washbasin tap, which is described in a separate product sheet.

7201 Bano universal washbasin with grey grab bar 800 x 600 mm
7201-B Bano universal washbasin with black grab bar 800 x 600 mm
7201-W Bano universal washbasin with white grab bar 800 x 600 mm

Load tested up to 300kg.


• Washbasin: crushed marble with gelcoat surface

• Grab bar: anti-bacterial, powder coated aluminum and nylon

• Fixed and height adjustable brackets: natural anodized aluminum alloy