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5930-03 Bano swivel toilet w wash- and dry function

With the Bano Swiveling toilet, you can easily turn the toilet seat 290 degrees, which simplifies access to the toilet. The swiveling toilet can be easily adjusted in height from an integrated panel in both of the toilets supporting handles.

Poorly adapted bathrooms create insurmountable obstacles in mobility situations. The swiveling toilet removes these obstacles, and sets a new standard for accessibility in the bathroom. Instead of the user having to adapt to the bathroom, the bathroom adapts to the user. It gives the user increased security, increased independence and increased dignity.

Swiveling toilet
The toilet seat is easily turned using a release mechanism integrated into the toilet's support handle. Support handle can be raised and lowered. The backrest and toilet seat can be easily removed for cleaning.

Module with lifting capacity and height adjustement
Users with impaired walking function are dependent on raising the toilet so that their legs clear the floor in order to be able to make a safe and easy turn. The swiveling toilet can be raised and lowered 200mm, and has a lifting capacity of 300kg. The electric raise and lower function is easily operated from an integrated panel in both toilet support handles. In the wall module of the reversible toilet, a control system for the raise and lower function is integrated. The module is also flexible, and can be installed in existing bathrooms with both floor-mounted and wall-mounted toilets.

The Bano reversible toilet is produced in strong materials that withstand heavy loads and high wear and tear. Innovative solutions provide optimal functionality and comfort. The porcelain bowl is designed for easy cleaning.

All surfaces are produced in innovative composite materials. This increases comfort in the form of avoiding a cold and uncomfortable experience. The toilet seat is designed for comfortable seating and has an easy-to-clean surface.

The cisterns are produced in corrosion-treated steel with a vacuum-formed composite cover.